who we are

Hello! I am Ieva Ozola – Dīce, a mother of two.Trying to juggle family, business and all my passions – design, fashion, travel and nature.

I had the classic white cot for my first son because this baby having journey was scary enough to do things differently. With our second son I had already found the courage to do things my way – we hand painted the cot blue, got all the crazy colour toys the boys liked so much and relaxed a lot more.

That blue cot never really left my mind and here we are, almost 7 years later.

If you feel pressure to step into the beige childhood theme I am here to assure you – having a baby is gonna be the best thing ever, but most likely it is going to be hard and kind of dull at some point as well – trust me, having colourful things around will help keeping that chin up.

Just have fun with it!

When designing the Nox cot I wanted it to be really well made, stable and
sturdy, to last and to be handed down within the family and friends circle.

With round edges – safe for those early walkers.

In uplifting colour combinations, to give that wow effect to the nursery.

And I believe we have managed to do just that.

Celebrate childhood with us , loudly and proudly!




Ieva, Kārlis & Fricis

Owner and little co - owners of KARL & FRIC